Sunday, October 05, 2014

05-Oct-14: Graphic reminder of how wrong the news media often are when covering terrorism

Focusing attention on the victims of terror and not on those who use it and do it - seems obvious, even trite. 

But in today's beleagured news media - with (to name but a few aspects that affect many of them) their misplaced agenda-driven willingness to put objectivity on the back-burner; the inability of many reporters, photographers and editors to actually understand the issues in front of their faces and the history behind them and (as a result) their willingness to follow the pack; and the urge to sensationalize - as well as the competitive pressures under which they operate and the relentless threat from free news on the Web, it happens too rarely

The result is we get serious, responsible, fair analytic and objective news reporting much less than we ought to. 

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