Wednesday, October 22, 2014

22-Oct-14: Headlines often say more about the editors who compose them than about the news they report

BBC [Source] earlier this evening

BBC [Source] later this evening. Check out the video of the 'attack' at the
foot of this post and see if you understand why those apostrophes are there

Reuters [Source]

New York Times (with uncorrected spelling mistake) [Source]. No terror, no Arabs, no Israelis.
At the Times, they know how to avoid seeming judgmental.

Plain and unadorned at Israel National News [Source]

Aljazeera [Source]. Think about what must have gone through their photo editor's mind
as she sifted through the dozens of graphic and detailed news-agency photographs
of tonight's terror attack before making this odd and disturbing choice
The headline writers at Associated Press have gotten more than the usual degree of attention this evening. Here's Jonah Goldberg, writing a short time ago ["Anti-Israel Bias in One Headline (or Three)"] on the National Review's website:
So earlier today the Associated Press ran a story with the headline “Israeli police shoot man in east Jerusalem.” Then they changed it to “Car slams into east Jerusalem train station.” Finally, after widespread outrage on social media, they changed it to "Palestinian kills baby at Jerusalem station"... So it begins with the villain being the Israeli police. Then, in a nod to fairness, it’s changed to an evil car. Then finally, it’s a murderous Palestinian. It’s progress, I suppose. 
And here (below) is the actual video (probably from a camera pointing at the security video) of the vehicle mowing down the Israelis on the passengers-only platform at the Ammunition Hill Light Rail Station in northern Jerusalem tonight. There's little doubt, from watching it, that this was no accident. We also know now that the driver of the car has served time in prison for terror offences.

More information when we have it. Meanwhile as we write this there is large-scale rioting in several of the Arab neighborhoods of north and east Jerusalem.

UPDATE Saturday night, October 25, 2014: Here ["To Live as a Jew"] is some touching background on another of the victims of the Wednesday murder-by-car attack. Our prayers are needed.

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