Friday, August 08, 2014

8-Aug-14: For the record, IDF still holding fire as truce-breaking Gazan rockets keep crashing into Israeli communities

Remains of a mosque in Khuzaa, near Khan Younis,
Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip August 6, 2014
[Image Source: Reuters]
At 9:03 am Friday morning, Times of Israel reported:
Israeli officials say no response yet to rocket fire | Despite unconfirmed reports of explosions in northern Gaza, Israel says it has yet to respond to the continuing rocket barrage from Gaza that has been going on for over an hour.
And at 9:18 am:
IDF drones are also being reported in Gaza’s skies, though Israel has yet to open fire after some 75 minutes of rocket fire from Gaza... Initial reports from Gaza suggest five Palestinians were killed in an apparent work accident as they handled an explosive device intended to be used against IDF troops.  [Times of Israel]
And at 9:28 am:
As rocket fire from Gaza escalates some 90 minutes after Hamas rejected extending the 72-hour truce, it’s worth noting that Hamas is not acting in accordance with the wishes of the vast majority Gazans. An overwhelming 92 percent of Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip are in favor of a long-term ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, and 72% hope their leaders will work to achieve a lasting peace agreement with the Jewish state, a new poll has found. [Source]

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