Wednesday, July 30, 2014

30-Jul-14: The ordinariness of utter evil

An ordinary young woman, a mother, from Gaza:

Is she the problem? Is she a monster? No and no - or perhaps. As unremarkable as she is in almost all respects, this young woman is a symptom of something so astonishingly malevolent that it defies belief. 

How do you co-exist with a society that sends you its children for world-class medical attention (or education or anything valuable that their society can never produce) and wants to destroy you, down to the last of you?

How do you compromise with them? How do you reach an understanding?

How do you live beside them?

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Anonymous said...

Ah we are now at a time when the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing
Know this for sure that the G-D of Israel will count it against them as sin
Our assurance in not in man, nor in the nations of this world, but in G-D who alone is master over all wars
We have no desire to any more talks of a peace treaty nor any sympathy to hamas and there evil cause
We do not seek world approval or Obama’s and Kerry’s applause
Not when they suggest we weaken and negotiate G-D’S Laws

We say The Shema with confidence twice a day
Know this for a certainty we don’t care what the world has to say
For it is to the Shield of Abraham that we worship and we pray
And it is G-D and G-D alone who directs our footsteps every day