Wednesday, July 16, 2014

16-Jul-14: Nothing says contempt for Palestinian Arabs better than what this map shows

Rocket launched from a Gaza
neighbourhood in 2013
We have routinely referred in these posts over the years to a little-reported phenomenon we call "Fell Shorts": rockets which are launched by the terrorists of the Gaza Strip that crash and explode inside the Gaza Strip, sometimes killing Palestinian Arabs, often doing damage to homes.

They happen all the time, and the price they exact is politely ignored or hidden by reporters working the Gaza Strip because that's what Hamas wants. A more eloquent statement of the utter contempt of Hamas leaders of their own people would be hard to imagine. That, more than the imbalance of resources on the two sides, is what makes this an asymmetrical war.

The graphic below comes from the IDF. They don't have the Hamas problem of being reluctant to expose what the terrorists do to their own.

By the way, don't wait for the editors at The Guardian, El Pais, the New York Times or CNN to focus attention on these self-inflicted casualties. We'll leave it to readers to figure out why.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, there are those of us who aren't surprised that so many rockets fall within Gaza itself. In fact, we expect a higher percentage to hit the Gaza border wall. I wonder how many people pray a divine wall around Israel, such that enemy missiles will hit it and fall back on their side. I've met strangers on the street who pray this, so I know I'm not alone. Our prayers create angels and these angels are warring above. We can all help the IDF with our prayers.