Saturday, June 07, 2014

7-Jun-14: Saturday rocket attacks on Israel: If no one reports them, did they happen?

A rocket fired from Gaza and pointed in the general direction of where we Israelis live and go about our lives crashed and exploded in open spaces in southern Israel's Sha'ar Hanegev region this afternoon. Times of Israel, currently the only source of the news that we can find among mainstream news sources, reports this and quotes the IDF’s official figures saying 108 rockets from the Gaza Strip have been fired at Israel since the beginning of this calendar year - roughly one a day. Thankfully, today's rocket evidently caused neither injuries nor serious property damage.

It was not the only Gazan rocket assault on Israel today:

From the GANSO Incident Alerts site this evening
GANSO, reporting from inside the Gaza Strip where they know about such things and choose not to ignore them even while the mainstream news media do, says the rocket-thugs of Gaza, operating within the jurisdiction of the newly-united Fatah/Hamas regime, fired off another Saturday rocket in search of Israeli victims. But they managed only to bring it down onto the heads of their own neighbours: yet another "Fell Short". (The text reads: "Pal. ops. attempted to fire 1 rocket; the rocket exploded prematurely." We are searching Arabic-language sources now for reports of fresh "martyrs".) 

If you have read this far, you belong to the truly tiny minority of interested observers who know of today's indiscriminate rocket attacks on Israel by those in charge of the vast Gazan weapons arsenal. The overwhelming majority of political leaders and political analysts have no idea.

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