Monday, June 30, 2014

30-Jun-14: Incoming rockets, 3 am Monday, and still more unreported fell-shorts

Two more rockets fired by the terrorist groups of the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip struck open areas in the Eshkol region early Monday morning. Lazar Berman of Times of Israel reported around 3 this morning (Monday) that there appear to have been neither injuries nor damage.

The fire from Gaza is, of course, indiscriminate: absolutely anything on the Israeli side or in the general direction of where the Israelis are, is the goal and no one outside Israeli circles ever seems to hold the terrorists to any higher standard. Distinctions between military targets and civilians? None. Schools, kindergartens, buses, cafes - everything and anything is legitimized by the incessant anger and sense of victimhood of the people with the tens of thousands of rockets concealed inside their community buildings. None of this is news.

It gets reported when Israeli measures to eliminate the people who do the firing, or the storage facilities or the places where the explosive devices are made or assembled, succeed.

And as for the frequent "fell shorts" that the terror-addicted Islamists of Gaza routinely visit on the heads of their own people, these are almost never reported outside Israel. There were at least four more of those yesterday and the day before, according to the Gaza-based web log of GANSO:

06/29/2014 | 16:15 | 29 JUN, 1615:Pal. Ope. attempted to fire 2 rockets from Rafah, both rockets exploded at the launching site. Injuries were reported.
06/29/2014 | 07:50 | MU, 29 JUN: Overnight, Pal. ops. fired 6 rockets from NG and GC toward the Green Line; 1 rocket exploded at the launching site
06/28/2014 | 07:30 | MU, 28 JUN: Over the past 2 days, IAF conducted 6 airstrikes. 2 fatalities reported. IED was detonated E of KY. IF fired 5 shells toward E of KY. 6 injuries were reported. Pal. ops. fired 11 rockets and 3 mortar shells toward the Green Line. 1 of them exploded prematurely and the other intercepted by Iron Dome. More details via email.

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