Tuesday, June 03, 2014

3-Jun-14: What lies behind those genocidal designs we're said to have on innocent Arab lives

Ismail Haniyeh. Hamas 'prime minister': Quite possibly
has urges similar to those of ordinary human beings
when he's not plotting the murder of
innocent Israelis [Image Source]
From Ynet today
Israel says it has allowed the mother-in-law of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh into the country for medical treatment. Maj. Guy Inbar, an Israeli spokesman, says the 68-year-old woman was allowed to enter from the Gaza Strip on Monday to receive cancer treatment at a Jerusalem hospital. A relative in Gaza confirmed she was in Israel.
Though Ynet's article makes no mention of this, and the Palestinian Arab media would never dare, Israelis know that the Hamas insiders, certainly including the arch-terrorist they call prime minister, have always known where to turn when the welfare of their own near-and-dear is at risk. (And Israeli institutions which easily could turn them away choose to take a different stand.)

Check it out in this post of ours: "18-Nov-13: When Hamas insiders need the best care around, to which Zionist Entity do they turn?"

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