Sunday, June 29, 2014

29-Jun-14: More Saturday night rocket attacks on southern Israel

Sderot, southern Israel, Saturday afternoon:
Gaza's embedded rocket arsenal has
huge potential for lethality [Image Source]
The Sderot factory about which we reported earlier tonight has burned to the ground.

The photos at right and below are something to keep in mind when those who misleadingly soft-talk what the Palestinian Arab terrorists do ("home-made rockets" and the like) attempt to peddle their preferred image of pathetic, oppressed, helpless and ill-equipped freedom-loving Gazans.

The reality is Gaza is armed to the teeth, with deep reserves of rockets concealed inside mosques, the basements of hospitals, and indoor caches close to schools. It's a fiendish strategy, and tonight's conflagration is a small taste of what can be expected in the future.

Soon after tonight's direct hit on the Sderot factory, the incoming-rocket alarms sounded again across a broad swathe of southern Israel. Times of Israel reports that residents of the Sdot Negev region were forced to take cover around 10 o'clock Saturday night as another barrage of rockets was launched from the Gaza Strip. It says those rockets are now thought to have landed in open territory, without causing injury to people or significant property damage.

A little later, just after 11:00 pm local time on Saturday night, additional incoming rocket sirens were heard [Hebrew report] in Sderot and the Sha'ar Hanegev region. We do not know the outcome at this stage.
Sderot: The outcome of Saturday afternoon's rocket attack
Sderot: The factory that was destroyed by Gazan rockets
Sderot: The damage that the terrorists' rockets can do is
consistently under-stated by the news media [Image Source: AP]

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Mr. Cohen said...

PLEASE PRAY FOR the 3 teenage Jews who were
recently kidnapped by Palestinian terrorists:

Yaakov Naftali Ben Rachel Devorah (Naftali Frenkel)
Gilad Michael Ben Bat Galim (Gilad Shaar)
Eyal Ben Iris Teshura (Eyal Yifrach)

PLEASE PRAY FOR Alan Gross who is unjustly
imprisoned in Cuba (Aba Chonah ben Hava Chana).

PLEASE PRAY FOR unjustly imprisoned Sholom Rubashkin
(Sholom Mordechai HaLevi ben Rivka).