Wednesday, May 14, 2014

14-May-14: Morning rocket attack from Gaza [UPDATE: IDF says there was no rocket]

UPDATE: The IDF Spokesman's office announced late this morning [Hebrew announcement here] that today's report of an incoming missile is incorrect. The information provided earlier resulted from a technical problem. Our earlier posting, based on earlier news reports, now follows.
Around 7:00 am Wednesday morning (today), a rocket was fired from the Gaza Strip in Israel's general direction. The Color Red/Tzeva Adom incoming missile alert was sounded in the area. The rocket appears to have crashed and exploded in open fields somewhere in the nearby Hof Ashkelon region. Times of Israel says there are no indications at this stage of injury to humans or property damage on the Israeli side. The timing of today's rocket means the danger of it hitting pedestrians or travelers in the morning rush hour, or a school or kindergarten, was considerable - and certainly no accident. The chances of it striking a military target in the area - small to insignificant.

Apologists for Palestinian Arab terror (they are literally all over the web and the media) like to contend that the men firing the absurdly mis-named "homemade rocketsare using "a legitimate weapon of resistance" and "simply seeking their dignity, liberation, usurped rights and freedom". In reality, the firing of thousands of Gazan rockets (like this morning's) goes largely unreported and mainly unnoticed by those apologists unless and until there is a response from the Israeli side. They don't even claim that their goal is to hit a military target, even if that's what their supporters in Europe and elsewhere pretend they are hearing. They fling these weapons of death: wherever they land is good, including when they land (as they frequently do) on the heads of their own people

That's how terrorism works: its practitioners keep trying to hurt the unarmed civilians on the hated other side, praying and hoping for a devastating result. When, Heaven forbid, that happens, it's explained away as being the consequence of endless crimes and indignities visited by that hated enemy's military on the rocket men and the world they occupy. In the Western media, this is generally a tactic that works. Hence those rockets keep coming over the fence into Israel.

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