Thursday, April 03, 2014

3-Apr-14: Multiple-rocket attack on southern Israel tonight

Three rockets (four according to some reports, including from the IDF) were fired from the terrorist-infested Gaza Strip at about 9:30 this evening towards Sderot, an Israeli city of some 24,000 with the misfortune to be located less than a kilometer from the Hamas-controlled territory.

There are no reports at this stage of either injuries or property damage, though this was plainly not the intention of the violent individuals responsible for the rocket attack. Since the IDF Spokesperson has not yet issued a status report and has not confirmed where the rockets exploded, we cannot be sure at this stage of any of the details.

What we can say is that the Tzeva Adom/Color Red incoming missile warning system was heard in the Sderot area and throughout the Sha'ar Hanegev region (population: 6,000). We can also say - though the mainstream news media never do - that tonight's attack is part of a relentless terrorist assault directed at ordinary civilians, and has no connection to any military campaign or the search for strategic targets. There is a strategy, as is evident from both the experience of the past and the press releases issued by the terror groups of Gaza: to terrify, and to inflict pain on the Israeli population.

Why these ongoing indiscriminate missile attacks receive negligible - if any - media attention, and why they are not routinely characterized as terrorist actions by the global news-reporting industry is a mystery.

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