Tuesday, April 22, 2014

22-Apr-14: Not quite your average foreign minister or baby-kissing politician

The man holding the semi-automatic weapon in his right hand and someone's baby in his left is not your run of the mill sicko.

His name is Mahmoud al-Zahar. If the Hamas terrorist group were a legitimate government, his role in it would be foreign minister.

His ethical and political stand can be assessed from this widely-publicized 2009 news report: "Hamas terror: every Jewish child now a target" (via The Australian and Wikipedia). A British writer, who pens Intifada-friendly columns, requoted it this week. Hamas and its adherents want us to know how very seriously devoted to their values they are.

The photo at right [h/tip: DB] was evidently taken in Gaza in the past few days. When Zahar declares children to be part of his war, basic caution and good sense say he (and his Hamas cohort) ought to be taken literally.

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