Thursday, March 13, 2014

13-Mar-14: A reminder tonight of why the terror forces have those rocket stockpiles

Those explosive messages of hatred keep coming tonight.

Shortly after our last post here, The Code Red incoming missile warning system began blaring its "take cover urgently" message across parts of southern Israel. Though not all the reports are in yet, it appears the Shaar HaNegev and the Sdot Negev regions were hit, as was the southern city of Sderot. Ynet says, without being specific about the location (presumably for security reasons) that one of these incoming rockets was brought down by the Israeli anti-missile Iron Dome system around 8:35 pm tonight. (Iron Dome shots are expensive. It's generally assumed that if the system fires off one of its own rockets, that's because the enemy's incoming missile is heading for a human-rich target and must be stopped.)

The injuries we know of are on the Gazan Palestinian Arab side. A growing number of individuals - some active terrorists, some ordinary members of the Gazan public - are reported hurt from exploding Gazan rockets. Avi Issacharoff writing on the Times of Israel site provides some details tonight.

No one here thinks this is over yet. On the other hand, at the BBC they may not even fully realize it's happening or want you to. Their major Middle East headline at this hour is "Gaza militants say truce renewed".

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