Thursday, November 07, 2013

7-Nov-13: In the British parliament, they're taking a close look today at home-based terror

The UK parliament is grilling GCHQ director Sir Iain Lobban, MI5 director general Andrew Parker and MI6 chief Sir John Sawers in the Intelligence and Security Committee at this moment. We're following it.

In the BBC's live coverage, two statements stand out in the last few minutes:
  • MI5 director general Andrew Parker says that since the 7/7 bombings 34 terrorist plots have been thwarted in the UK. One or two were major plots aimed at mass casualties, he says.
  • MI5 director general Andrew Parker says the security services have seen "hundreds of people" from this country go to Syria and get involved in fighting there. Some come back but some are still there, he says, partly because it is easy to get there but partly because it's an attractive proposition to some.
The BBC's notorious reluctance to broadcast the word "terrorism" is evidently suspended for the day.

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