Sunday, October 27, 2013

27-Oct-13: Mortar fire from Gaza this afternoon; why does the timing not surprise us?

Happy in Gaza [Image Source]
Two mortars from the Gaza Strip crashed into the Eshkol region of Israel's western Negev at about 1:30 p.m. today, Sunday. 

The good fortune of them landing in open fields meant, according to a report just now from the Israeli military, that no injuries or property damage are reported. This was of course, of course, not the desired outcome from the standpoint of the hatred-driven terrorists who risked their lives bring the mortars into firing range, preparing and priming them, and firing them off at considerable risk to their lives. They did this, as they have done thousands of times before, in order to kill them some Jews.

It's worth pausing for a moment to note the cynicism of those giving the order to fire, and those blessing the mortar-firing terrorists with prayers for successful kills. 

They know that Israel's parliamentary-based government is roiling today over a decision - certain to be rammed through later today by the office of prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu against the opposition of more than 90% of ordinary Israeli citizens - to make yet another painful move for peace, in this case the release of phase 2 (out of four phases) of a list of 104 convicted and unrepentant murderers. 

These men will be handed over to the PA regime in Ramallah and to the Hamas thugocracy in Gaza, probably on Thursday, and will be lionized in traditional celebratory fashion: guns will be fired into the air, the arms of the returning convicts - many of them having now walked away from life-sentences in Israeli prisons - will be held aloft by arch-terrorists and their enablers, and plans will be spoken of for more terror, more killings, more attacks, more hatred, more violence.

If you were a middle manager in a Gaza-based terror gang, today would be a happy, happy day for you.

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