Friday, October 25, 2013

25-Oct-13: Grenade hurled at people in an Israeli school-bus today. How many more terrorists should we free now?

From the Jerusalem Post website today:
A supposed makeshift grenade was thrown at an Israeli bus transporting students to schools on Friday morning in the northern West Bank near the village of Yaabud, west of Jenin. No injuries or damage were reported. Security forces were sweeping the area. The IDF could not confirm the identity of the perpetrator. "I ​​hope now there will be an aggressive decision to bring attention to the area to prevent further attacks," Army Radio quoted Shomron Regional Council head Gershon Mesika as saying. "This road was recently opened for vehicles traveling between Jenin and Tulkarm. Once, the road was closed, now it is open, and constitutes an existential threat to travelers," he added.
Ynet calls it a "bomb".

The media outside Israel calls it... nothing. There's literally zero coverage in any mainstream news media as of this hour.

Whether the people on board the bus, mostly children as far as we understand, were "settlers" or "citizens" or "comrades", they were people, human beings. The persons attacking them wished them to be dead. The attack was on them, on the people, and not merely on a bus.

Rational onlookers are entitled to draw inferences from these facts.

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