Monday, October 21, 2013

21-Oct-13: Back to Seattle

We reflected here a few days ago ["17-Oct-13: Naive in Seattle (but not only there, of course): notes from the battlefield"] on Parents Circle, about an event that its representatives addressed in a Seattle church last weekend, and about a Seattle-area blog that expressed what we thought were some constructively critical points about what was said there and about how it was covered by the local Jewish newspaper.

It was not the first time we had written about this group of bereaved individuals from both the Israeli and the Palestinian Arab sides of the conflict. An earlier post about the same group ["12-Jul-13: Behind the facade at Parents Circle, messages that are deeply disturbing to bereaved families"] attracted (by the standards of this blog) considerable attention.

We mention this now because the Seattle-area blog through which our attention was originally directed at the St Mark's Episcopal Cathedral event, co-hosted by a local synagogue, has revisited the subject today. Its editor interviewed us via email and posted our comments along with insights of his own. See it at "Terror victim's father shares perspective on controversial group" on the Mike Report site.

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terrific blog...surprises me that there are not more comments...though saddens me each time I see your daughter there...makes me angry...satire is the Islamist's achilles heel...Jewish satirists helped open up Europe in the 19th century...trouble is people are afraid to use satire the 21st century 'fear' has made a massive comeback as a tool for manipulating populations...below is a rare example of some good satire on suicide bombers…don't be put off by the swearing…swearing is a natural part of Glaswegian culture...once again…excellent reporting...S H Cohen

This Ongoing War said...

We assume everyone who comes here agrees with us, and further comments are unnecessary. Thanks for the enlightening exposure to Billy Connelly - definitely brightened up our morning.