Friday, October 18, 2013

18-Oct-13: Two years and a call to action

In her latest blog post on the Times of Israel website ["We cannot forget this day"], Frimet Roth asks for support in conveying to Israel's leadership how mistaken are the current policies that have brought it to undertake mass releases of unrepentant convicted terrorists, many of them murderers, with no regard for the length of the prison terms to which they were sentenced. 

Referring to prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu, she writes
Tell him that he has more than the terror victim families to contend with. That you too find the freeing of convicted, unrepentant mass murderers repugnant. That you too expect the rulings of our judges and courts to be respected, not trashed. That you too are concerned about the repercussions of his actions: the sharp escalation in terror attacks and the diminished deterrence. [More from "We cannot forget this day" at Times of Israel]
Click here for the contact details of the prime minister's office.

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