Friday, July 12, 2013

12-Jul-13: Failed Zionist strategy?

Can't fool these people [Image Source: Kataros/Flickriver]
When you next come across one of those feverish polemics that 'prove' Israel is engaged in genocide against the Palestinian Arab population from the likes of the Islamic Republic of Iran's president, the editors at Electronic Intifada and Pakistan Affairs, the Canadian-Arab Federation, the mayor of the Spanish town of Ciempozuelos and numerous other worthies and thought leaders, keep these new numbers, from an official source at one of the two Palestinian Arab statelets, in mind:
The Palestinian population in the West Bank and Gaza Strip is now estimated at approximately 4 million, according to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics. On the eve of International Population Day, the bureau published a statistical review that showed that the “total population of Palestine at mid-2013 was about 4.42 million; 2.24 million males and 2.18 million females.” The estimated population of the West Bank was 2.72 million, while the estimated population of the Gaza Strip totaled 1.7 million, according to the review. [Jerusalem Post | July 11, 2013]
The non-Jewish population of Israel/Palestine just before the UN established the new state of Israel in 1948 was about 1.3 million. So their presence in the area has at least tripled in size since then.

That's before we take account of the people calling themselves Palestinians who live in the nearby Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (total population 6.1 million). There they account for between one-third (UNRWA's figure) and two-thirds (Wikipedia) of the kingdom's population. Jordan covers some three-quarters of the area previously called Mandatory Palestine.

If Israel is out to destroy them (so to be clear - anyone who looks at the facts and is not caught up in the ideological madness knows that's utter and complete rubbish), it's no great victory.

The Rwandans, the Armenians, the people of Darfur, Sudan, and - yes - the Jews might have been willing to swap the miserable fates of so many of their families for this particular brand of so-called genocide, if such an option existed, which of course it did not.

So does all of this growth and flourishing amount to good news? Probably not so much for the merchants behind the Palestinian Genocide Gifts site.

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