Sunday, May 05, 2013

5-May-13: Hot, with a forecast of rockets

It's hot here today in both of the usual senses.

The IDF, according to a Jerusalem Post report, has re-deployed two Iron Dome batteries to the northern part of the country "due to regional tensions following air strikes in Damascus which foreign sources have attributed to the Israel Air Force". One is now stationed in Haifa; another was placed in Safed.

Meanwhile the news service of Israel's Second Network, and the Jewish Press as well, reported an hour ago that a rocket originating in the terrorist-infested Gaza Strip crashed and exploded in southern Israel around 3 this afternoon. There are no reports of damage or injury from the Eshkol region, the reported site of the attack today and of several previous attacks over the past few weeks (May 2, April 19, April 4).

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