Wednesday, April 03, 2013

3-Apr-13: Rockets from Gaza once again

Yesterday, three rockets were fired into southern Israel, as we reported here. This morning, there are two more that "exploded near the town of Sderot, causing no damage or injuries. Red alert sirens sounded across Sderot and the surrounding area in advance of the attacks." [Times of Israel]

This morning's attack came during the morning rush hour when children across the region are on the roads and making their way to schools and kindergartens. The previous round of terrorist rocket fire, which occurred during the visit of President Obama two weeks ago, included one which struck a kindergarten.

You can't really blame the terrorist thugs for that near-tragedy however. As they keep reminding us and as experience shows, they have virtually no control over where their rockets crash or whom they injure or kill. This is not as bad as it sounds - from their standpoint - since, once they fire them off in the general direction of over the fence, they have zero interest in where their rockets crash or whom they injure or kill.  This is one of the reasons they are terrorists.

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