Monday, January 28, 2013

28-Jan-13: Another timely IDF intercept of mayhem-minded terrorists

IDF personnel at Tapuah Junction in 2011 [Image Source]
Seems like yesterday that we were saying how critically important is the ongoing vigilance of the IDF in protecting Israeli civil society from the non-stop assault of jihad-minded Palestinian Arab terrorists with innocent Israeli civilians on their minds.

Actually it was just yesterday: see "27-Jan-13: Terrorists stopped before they can do more serious damage" in which we wrote about an IDF intercept of Fatah terrorists heading for the community of Elon Moreh in the Samarian hills, northeast of Nablus.

Now we hear of another successful IDF intercept. This one happened last night (Sunday). Ben Hartman, writing in the Jerusalem Post, says Border Police prevented a terror attack when they stopped three men from the Balata refugee camp who were traveling through Tapuah Junction, not so far from the scene of yesterday's arrests. Something about these men aroused the suspicion of the service personnel, prompting them to carry out a search of the men and their car. 

The search turned up no fewer than eight pipe bombs, a pistol, and a knife. The bomb squad unit sent sappers to the scene who neutralized the bombs. The three men, who evidently intended to make use of the weapons for purposes that most people can probably guess at, are in custody where it is likely they will remain for some time. 

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