Sunday, November 18, 2012

18-Nov-12: Years of untold self-inflicted harm: what Hamas does to its own people

Ashdod apartment building hit by Gazan rocket on Saturday [Image Source: AFP]
The Israel Defence Forces Spokesperson's Office has just quantified this evening what anyone (us included) who has been following the endless firing of rockets by terrorist thugs in Gaza these last seven years already knows: the terrorists keep misfiring a significant number of their rockets. These then crash onto the heads and houses of the Gazans. 

The IDF which tracks these things says [see its Twitter page] no fewer than 99 such explosive devices have 'fallen short' in the last four days.

Does anyone imagine these then evaporate into thin air? Because they never ever get reported in the news media, does this mean they don't occur? That such self-inflicted injuries don't happen? Of course it does not mean those things. We know what happens when they explode on landing. We have been watching those explosions for years. We have been absorbing those explosions at an extraordinary rate these past five days - all over Israel.

The IDF's Twitter page is under assault now from people who claim it's all so, so, so untrue. We feel for them. No one explained to them before how the tragic indifference of the Hamas rocketeers has exacted a price in human lives from their own communities for years. Our post of earlier today ["18-Nov-12: Fell short? Not just the Hamas rockets but the ethics of the journalists covering them"] has some additional background, going back five years.

Netivot, Southern Israel, November 12, 2012 [Image Source]
Their rockets do this to our homes at a distance of tens of kilometers. Imagine the harm that is done when they explode just a handful of kilometers from the firing site, on the heads and homes of their own people [Image Source: Channel 2 News screen-shot, today in Ashdod]

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