Thursday, November 15, 2012

15-Nov-12: The terrorists managed to mount these attacks since 8 this morning

Screen shot from one of the many webcam video streams being
broadcast from inside Gaza. This one clearly shows a Gazan rocket
being fired into the sky - certainly with an Israeli target in mind - from
a residential neighbourhood of Gaza. This is exactly what is meant by
human shields.
From personal messages received from family and friends, and from scanning the online sources - just in the past fifty minutes
  • Ashdod: Four separate rocket attacks in past twenty minutes [8:45am]]
  • Eshkol region: Damage to property is reported [8:40am]
  • Ashdod: Incoming Palestinian Arab missile warning [8:35am]
  • Kiryat Malachi: Palestinian Arab rocket hits a residential neighbourhood, perhaps a school, perhaps other targets as well. Ynet says five injured, three of them severely [8:35am]. TOI is reporting that a four-storey building was demolished in the attack and people remain trapped inside the shattered structure. More details when we have them, but it sounds like a seriously bad outcome
  • Ashkelon: Two incoming Palestinian Arab rockets from Gaza intercepted in mid-air [8:30am]
  • Ofakim: School building is hit by incoming Gazan rocket during the night; no injuries [8:30am]
  • Ashdod: A residence is hit by a Palestinian Arab rocket; no injuries [8:25 am]
  • Gan Yavne: Volley of six rockets is fired at this residential neighbourhood [8:24 am]
  • Eshkol region - four more incoming rockets in one volley [8:15am]
  • Be'er Sheba: yet another incoming rocket, probably GRAD. No injuries. [8:15am]
  • Shafir region, near Kiryat Malachi: Rocket explodes in open area; no one hurt [8:05am]
And on the Gazan side? We don't know much beyond what the Hamas spinners want us to know. Since that's notoriously unreliable, we can say what we know from Israeli sources, including Times of Israel.
  • More than a hundred separate sorties were carried out against terrorist targets in Gaza by IDF planes and other resources overnight. These included five rocket launching squads. 
  • This morning (time not certain), a Palestinian Arab motorcycle was spotted by the appropriate Israeli authorities in Gaza and identified as carrying a rocket. The rocket men, three of them, were permanently removed from the scene.
  • The IDF via its air force has been distributing Arabic-language leaflets over Gaza this morning warning residents to keep far away from terrorist bases and weapons depots (the locals know exactly where they are). The message which is echoed by ordinary Israelis is that Palestinian Arab civilians, even those who hate us, are not the targets of the Israeli actions.
  • Times of Israel is reporting that very few Gazan Palestinian Arab Moslems heeded the call for dawn prayers today; the few vehicles seen on the roads were ambulances and media cars.

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