Monday, November 12, 2012

12-Nov-12: When Hamas is not directing rockets onto Israeli rooves, its officials have other high priority tasks

When you next hear people expounding on how the Hamas regime is the legitimate, democratically elected government of choice of the Gazan Palestinian Arabs, keep this article from Gulf News, Thursday November 8, 2012 in mind.

Hamas police officer educates protester on Thursday
about women's rights [Image Source: Gulf News]   
Hamas police attack women gathering with sticks       
Gulf News: Hamas police violently attacked a group of women who were peacefully protesting on Tuesday in front of the Palestinian Legislative Council in Gaza. The women were calling for Palestinian reconciliation... Using sticks and batons, Hamas police attacked the women and dispersed the protest...  
This Arabic language blog says seven of the women suffered injuries.

On its website, ICHR [the Palestinian Independent Commission for Human Rights] expresses its concern
"over ongoing infringement of the right to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression... This right is guaranteed under the Palestinian basic law and the Palestinian public assemblies’ law besides international conventions of human rights..."
It's not hard to see how the women protesters and the Independent Commissioners have their hands full. True, they have to deal with violent Hamas thugs wielding sticks. But it's not only the thugs. How are they going to overcome the Islamist ideologues and their blinkered media buddies? As for instance this 2011 polemic by a Yasmeen El Khoudary under the helpful title "Who is the real oppressor of Gaza women’s rights?" [online here]
"I cannot stand the hypocrisy of international media in exploiting a subject as sensitive as women’s rights to lift the burden off of Israel’s shoulders. When will the world understand that the deterioration of the situation of women in Gaza over the past four years is not solely attributed to Hamas’ control, but mainly because of the Israeli siege..." 
and it's downhill all the way from there.

Small wonder that while 51% of all married women in Gaza experienced violence from their husbands in the previous 12 months [source: a major December 2011 study by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics reported by The Guardian in a July 2012 article], nearly two thirds (65%) said they preferred to keep silent about violence in the home. And not even one percent said they would seek help.

The woman of Gaza evidently know enough of Hamas and its methods to keep their mouths firmly shut.

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Marcel said...

'The woman of Gaza evidently know enough of Hamas and its methods to keep their mouths firmly shut'

The lemmings in Jerusalem evidently know enough of Hamas and its methods to keep their mouths running and as usual doing nothing else but making sure Hamas grows into a much stronger threat and sleeping well knowing that their terrorism pays against the little women Barak and Benji.

How sad that the Jewish people now have an army along with their nation,but with worthless leaders incapable of using it to permanently end the threat from Gaza,not until the death toll skyrockets if then !