Wednesday, October 03, 2012

3-Oct-12: The Hamas terrorist regime has a criminal system and (gasp) it's abusive

Head of the Hamas regime, Ismail Haniyeh, speaking in Tehran
during February 2012 in front of portraits of deceased Ayatollah
Khomeini and Iranian "
Supreme Leader" Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

Let the record show that a Human Rights Watch report on Hamas "justice" was issued today (Wednesday). It's downloadable from the HRW site [here]. 

In its brief summary, entitled "Human Rights Watch reports on ‘severe’ Hamas abuse of Palestinians" [Associated Press, September 3, 2012], AP says that "Hamas’ security forces in Gaza are committing severe abuses, including torture of detainees, arrests without warrants, forced confessions, unfair trials and mock executions". Egypt's Al-Ahram expands the list of Hamas abuses, adding
  • arbitrary arrests, and failure to inform relatives of the whereabouts of detainees
  • arrest, abuse and torture of lawyers
  • military courts are used to try civilians
  • several prisoners were put to death after military trial verdicts though there was "credible evidence they had been tortured".
In the past six hours, there have been similar reports in most of the major news channels, as you would expect: "Torture part of Gaza justice system" [Brisbane Times‎]; "Gazans face 'serious abuses' in criminal justice system" [BBC World]; "Hamas slammed over 'torture, unfair trials' [France 24] and so on. The embarrassing charges against the thuggish Hamas regime don't seem to have been reported at all by any of the major online Iranian news services. Not ABNA, not FARS News Agency, not Islamic Republic News Agency, not Tehran Times. We're open to readers' suggestions as to why... but we're not offering prizes.

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