Friday, October 19, 2012

19-Oct-12: All the problems of the Middle East depend on solving the demands of the Palestinian Arabs. Not.

There's more terrorism nearby, and no time to investigate further just this moment since the Sabbath siren is sounding as we write this, here in Jerusalem.

Another reminder in this tragic report below of the truth that the conflict in our area has always involved multiple factors, and not all of them fit so neatly into pre-existing narratives.

Lebanon blast: Car bombing in Beirut kills eight
BBC World Service
A huge car bomb has killed at least eight people and injured 78 in Beirut, Lebanese officials say. The explosion occurred in Sassine Square, a busy part of the mainly Christian district of Ashrafiya in the centre of the capital. Ambulances have been seen rushing to square. Witnesses say the blast was heard several kilometres away. The intended target is unclear. Tensions in Lebanon have been rising as a result of the conflict in Syria. 
More to come.

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