Saturday, October 13, 2012

13-Oct-12: Netivot under fire again during Sabbath

The rocket exploded in the back yard. Shrapnel
caused the damage inside the home. [Ynet]
During the Sabbath (just ended) the terrorist rockets kept arriving from Gaza. At about 7:30 pm Friday night, one of them crashed into a residential neighbourhood of Netivot - not the first time this week that this has happened [see our posting from this past Wednesday.] With a population of about 27,000, Netivot is one of the largest communities in Israel's south, and frequently finds itself at the receiving end of rockets - mainly medium-range GRADs - despatched by the jihadists of Gaza in their relentness quest to cause human suffering and property damage.

Friday night's rocket almost (but thankfully not quite) delivered what the terrorists pray for: serious harm. It exploded in an established part of the city where the residences are mainly single-family dwellings, and exploded in someone's back yard, causing damage to the home, shrapnel damage to some of the neighbouring homes, and pushing one person into a state of shock. Ynet has the image above.

Experience tells us that people who don't know Israel from up close have the impression that these attacks from Gaza's rocket-rich terror organizations crash into one-horse towns on the Israeli side. So let's take a glance at an aerial view of the commercial district of Netivot.

Netivot, frequent target of indiscriminate rocket fire from Gazan jihad organizations [Image Source: Panoramio]

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