Saturday, September 08, 2012

8-Sep-12: Familiar routine: rocket and mortar attacks during Sabbath

With the Sabbath just ended, we're catching up on events.

During the late morning hours today (Saturday), a Qassam rocket fired from Gaza crashed and exploded harmlessly in open fields in the Eshkol region of southern Israel [source]. Maan, the Bethlehem-based Palestinian Arab news site, says "it was not immediately clear if the rocket had hit Israel" Maan reports, quoting an IDF spokesperson.

According to our (Israeli) unofficial source, a mortar round exploded in the vicinity of Kerem Shalom during the morning hours of today. Again, no reports of injury or damage.

From the Hamas side of the fence, the EU-funded GANSO site reported this morning from Gaza in its usual laconic fashion that
"MU, 08 SEP: Over the past 2 days, Pal. ops. fired 2 HMRs toward the Green Line. One of the rockets dropped short and landed near the border fence"
For the acronym challenged, here's a common-sense interpretation:
"Palestinian Arab terrorists equipped with rockets fired them at Israeli civilian targets in their customary haphazard and indiscriminate manner. One of two such rockets fell short as they frequently do and crashed onto the heads of innocent Gazan Arab families, the usual human shields behind whom the heroes of the Hamas-led jihadist forces hide. But if anyone from among those Gazan civilians was injured or killed - not a surprising outcome given that we over here keep dishonestly calling this "one of the most densely populated place on earth" [the BBC is but one of many examples] - we would not tell you because, between you and us, we all know such honesty would detract from the malicious and distorted picture of Israel-inflicted misery that we have been peddling for years with the active connivance of European-funded NGOs and complicit journalists. So now you know."

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