Sunday, September 02, 2012

2-Sep-12: Mid-morning rocket attack - second of the day

The Tzeva Adom missile alert was heard throughout the Sdot Negev region at 09:45 this morning, Sunday. Seconds later, residents heard an explosion, and shortly afterwards there were reports of a hit on an agricultural community and damage to buildings and equipment. The Sdot Negev region is in the northwest part of the Negev desert. Its 7,000 residents live in 12 moshav communities, 2 kibbutzim and 2 community settlements, all of them affiliated with the Hapoel Hamizrahi national religious movement.

In keeping with the national desire not to make things easier for the terrorists, we do not want to disclose the location of the hit, though we see the Jerusalem Post did say where a short time ago and then removed the name from its report [source]. Jpost said the mid-morning rocket was a GRAD, the kind that has a longer range than the more common Qassam, and that damage was caused to a greenhouse.

We get some of our reports of rockets and mortars via direct eye-witness testimony from the field. This one is an example. We have to confess that it's disturbing how so many of these attacks go unreported. It's not as if these are accidents. They are, without exception, acts of war directed explicitly at civilian populations, but the utter apathy of international human rights and peace-promoting bodies (no names needed) speaks for itself. Foreign news services almost never pick up such reports unless there are dead and injured. Israeli news channels suffer from terrorism overload and filter many of these attacks out. The residents of the targeted areas however have neither editors nor remote control devices that allow them to switch these events off.

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