Sunday, September 02, 2012

2-Sep-12: First day of the week, and a school day. How surprising that there's a rocket attack on southern Israel at 7 am?

Incoming missile sirens sounded at about 07:15 this morning (Sunday) in the Eshkol region of southern Israel [Hebrew source]. No official confirmation at this stage, but it appears a mortar or a rocket [UPDATE 10 am: Times of Israel and Ynet now say a mortar] crashed and exploded in open fields. Eshkol is made up of a cluster of  thirty one communities arrayed across an area of less than 300 square miles in the north-western corner of the Negev desert. The 31 are made up of 14 kibbutzim, 15 moshavim and two residential communities for a total population of about 12,500 - all of whom awoke this morning, as on so many before it, to the sounds of a hate-based attack that makes no distinction between military or civilian; Arab or Jew, strategic target or school bus. This is why the men doing the firing fully deserve to be called terrorists.

As far as we know at this stage, the attack an hour ago produced no casualties on the Israeli side. This was not the intention of the jihadist rocket-men who will certainly be trying again soon.

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