Tuesday, September 11, 2012

11-Sep-12: It's 9/11 and here in Israel, the terrorists are as active as before

Fifteen minutes ago (it's now Tuesday at 5:15 pm) a rocket was fired by the terrorists of Gaza [Walla newsflash in Hebrew] at Israel. Their rocket firings are, by and large, indiscriminate and intended to cause whatever damage to life and property that fate can help them achieve.

This time, today's early evening Qassam rocket crashed into open fields in the Hof Ashkelon region - a part of southern Israel that has absorbed several additional rockets in the past week (and months and years). Fortunately, there appear to be neither injuries nor serious damage as far as we can tell (but it's early). This was expressly not the outcome sought by the rocket-toting terrorists.

Lest anyone reading these posts think Hof Ashkelon is the end of some road or devoid of human habitation, we will remind you that the regional council is responsible for 19 communities, including five kibbutzim, eleven moshavim, two communal settlements and a youth village: real human beings, real lives, made miserable and placed in mortal danger by religiously-inflamed terrorists equipped with essentially-limitless stocks of flying explosives.

Today, eleven years after the events of 9/11, we are reminded that however much under control the terrorism of the jihadists may appear (repeat: appear) to be in Washington DC and New York City, in London and in Beslan, over here it's a daily occurrence - an ongoing war with real victims.

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