Saturday, September 01, 2012

1-Sep-12: 10 pm rocket attack on southern Israel

In the Ashkelon area on Israel's south Mediterranean coast, the missile sirens have been sounding since about 10 this evening (it's now 10:15pm, Saturday night). A Hebrew online forum contributor [source] says there were two crash/explosions, both in the industrial zone of the city, and as far as we can tell, no serious damage and no injuries. But the intention of the rocket men of Gaza, well-equipped and highly motivated, was and is to keep firing their rockets in the general direction of anything Israel so as to strike something and cause pain and damage. Anyone visiting our blog knows the number of such indiscriminate firings since Hamas took over in 2006 and imposed an iron-fist regime over Gaza, is in the thousands. Firing explosive rockets and mortars at Israel is explicitly approved by the thuggish Hamas regime, designated globally as an outlawed terrorist regime [source]. The designation and the criticism actually do nothing to stop the rockets - that's a mission that the IDF owns and only the IDF takes measures, regularly, to curb and repel the deaths, destruction and mayhem that the terrorists of Gaza so desperately wish upon us.

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