Sunday, August 05, 2012

5-Aug-12: "Dropped short" again, but no matter. No one is watching; no one cares

Israeli civilians under rocket attack from Gaza [Image Source]

This just in from the EU-funded GANSO service that reports daily from the Hamas-controlled side of the Gaza/Israel border:
MU, 05 AUG: Overnight, Pal. ops. fired 1 HMR from Juhor Ad Dik, NE of Al Bureij, MA, toward the Green Line. The rocket dropped short and exploded in Pal. territory. IF responded by firing 1 tank shell toward E of Juhor Ad Dik. No injuries reported.
Interpretation for the terminology-challenged: 
Palestinian Arab terrorists ("ops") operating from Juhor ad-Dik, a village of some 3,200 people more or less in the middle of the Gaza Strip, south of Gaza City, fired a rocket more or less vaguely, as they generally do, in the general direction of anything Israeli. They don't really aim at much since anything it hits is a victory for the terror-minded thugs, armed to the teeth as they are with virtually limitless supplies of rocket-propelled explosives. This time, as so many times before, their rocket crashed and exploded onto the heads and houses of the people among whom they live: fellow Gazans. No one from any of the international news services has reported it, and never will, even if people are killed or injured because - as anyone reporting from this part of the world knows - the news value of Arab-on-Arab violence is close to nil. It's only when the violence crosses the Israel/Arab divide that the juices of the news-reporting world get going. Palestinian Arab rockets falling [source] onto Palestinian Arabs? Misery among the Gazans [video - see 2m28s]? Reportable if and only if the cause can be laid at the feet of the Israeli side.

You would never know it from the news reporting, but these self-inflicted rocket attacks by Gazans on Gazans are routine, often daily. Yet, try finding even a single online photograph of any of the numerous "dropped short" rocket incidents in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.

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