Tuesday, August 28, 2012

28-Aug-12: Another axe attacker foiled this morning

An axe-wielding Palestinian Arab terrorist attacked and injured an Israeli Jew in the Samarian/Shomron community of Maaleh Levona this morning (Tuesday) [source]. The attack occurred at the community's entry gate. The injured victim was treated on the spot for light to moderate chest wounds in chest and then evacuated him the Sha'are Zedek Medical Center hospital in Jerusalem. Some ninety families make their home in Maaleh Levona, which was founded in 1982.

Security personnel serving the Binyamin region of Samaria, along with service personnel from the IDF, pursued the attacker and came under a hail of rocks thrown by local Arabs. Nevertheless they succeeded in tracking him down and apprehending him.

Searches are underway now to see if other potential attackers are hiding in the vicinity which is close to a religious high school for girls - just the kind of 'quality target' that attracts the sort of people who attack unsuspecting civilians with an axe.

The area has known previous attacks of a sadly similar nature. We described one two years ago: see "9-Jul-10: One small life-changing event illustrates 4 things to know about how terrorism works".

Another Palestinian axe-man [kneeling in the photograph below] succeeded in murdering a defenceless, unarmed thirteen year old Jewish child, Shlomo Nativ, in the Judean community of Bat Ayin in 2009 [source]. In the same attack, he injured a seven year old. It's sometimes important to try to understand the state of mind of people who carry out acts of terror with their bare hands. Children are not simply caught up - to use the hackneyed and complete wrong expression - in some kind of crossfire. We know they are primary targets.

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