Monday, July 09, 2012

9-Jul-12: Inbound Gazan rockets yet again

Dover Zahal, which is what Hebrew speakers call the IDF Spokesperson's Unit, is reporting that the terrorists of the Gaza Strip fired a Qassam rocket into Israel around 4:00 this afternoon (Monday) - we saw a report of it as well in one of the Hebrew forums as well as on the Mivzak Live news site. It crashed into the Eshkol region of southern Israel and exploded without, it appears, causing damage to humans or to property. 

Another attack came about an hour earlier, this time in the form of an anti-tank missile fired by parties unknown on the Gazan side of the fence in the direction of Israeli agricultural workers in the vicinity of Yad Mordechai Junction. No reports of injuries or serious property damage.

In the last hour, around 7:30 this evening, the Tzeva Adom incoming missile warning system issued its terrifying wail to the thousands of Israeli residents of the Hof Ashkelon region. At this stage, we don't know the outcome.

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