Thursday, July 05, 2012

5-Jul-12: The terrorists of Gaza routinely mis-fire, dropping rockets on their Arab neighbors's heads. When do you hear about those self-inflicted injuries?

Please look closely at this scene from Gaza. Using human shields
is a standard terrorist practice in which the thugs of Hamas
(like the one in the center of this picture) excel. Why do 
the self-inflicted Gazan injuries and deaths get so little attention 
from the hordes of reporters and photographers covering 
their side of this ongoing war?
In the course of checking out the details of this morning's rocket or mortar attack on Israel's Eshkol region, we noticed that there was an attack at about the same time yesterday (Wednesday). 

How do we know? Because an NGO called GANSO, reports online about threats to public safety and to the welfare of the workers employed by what are termed 'humanitarian organizations' inside the Gaza Strip. It refers to 120 such 'humanitarian' organizations. GANSO is funded (€450,000 this year) by the European Commission’s Directorate General for Humanitarian Aid (ECHO).

Consulting the GANSO site, we note that yesterday morning
"07/04/2012  08:10  Pal. ops. fired 2 mortar shells from MA toward Kissufim; 1 of them dropped short. No injuries reported."
That's an unedited, direct copy/paste from their site. We interpret it to mean Palestinian terrorists ("ops.") indiscriminately fired off two mortar rounds in the general direction of the other side of the fence, intending to hit something (anything) Jewish or Israeli in the vicinity of Kissufim (the name of a kibbutz as well as a border crossing point near it). As happens, one of those fell short and exploded on the Hamas side of the border. As far as they can tell, no one was hurt. From a quick survey, we note that similar such "fell shorts" are reported in the GANSO records for June 21, June 20 (several) and June 19.

So how often do Gaza's Palestinian Arab terrorists end up hitting their own parents, children, spouses or neighbors? Do you see these self-inflicted losses reported in the news media that serve your community? 

Keep the questions in mind the next time you hear of injuries or deaths in Gaza along with Israeli denials of involvement. Because now you know what the savages of the Gazan terrorist groups do to their own. And how rare it is to see such matters reach the news.

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