Tuesday, July 31, 2012

31-Jul-12: Southern Israel: Two more incoming rockets from Gaza, responding to Israeli provocation

At the gates of Gaza: Delivery trucks, co-ordinated by the IDF's
COGAT unit [Image Source]

An update on the continuing indiscriminate fire by the Gazan terrorists on Israel and Israelis. In the past fifteen minutes (it's now 1:20pm on a hot Tuesday afternoon) we have gotten reports of two rockets crashing  into southern Israel and exploding not far from the border with the Gaza Strip. The rockets were of course fired from the Gaza Strip by any of an almost limitless list of real and imaginary groups, subgroups and sub-sub groups of the Gazan Palestinian Arab terror conglomerate. The Tzeva Adom incoming missile warning system began sounding at 1:00pm. 

We suspect these rockets are intended as retaliation by yesterday's outrage: the facilitation by Israel's military of 251 delivery trucks carrying more than 6,100 tons of goods into Hamas-controlled Gaza, including a ton of veterinary drugs. During the week just ended, more than 735,000 liters of heavy-duty diesel fuel for Gaza's  power plant were admitted via COGAT [details here]. COGAT is almost never mentioned in news reports - it's the arm of the Israeli military that serves to co-ordinate civilian issues among Israel and the Israel Defense Forces on one hand; the multitude of interested international organizations and diplomats on the second hand; and the Palestinian Authority and its Gaza equivalent on the third hand. 

Thousands of tons of goods arriving by road from Israel: no flotilla, no tunnels, no sniper cover. The insult to the Palestinian Arab pride of Gaza's population is understandably more than a normal person can bear.

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