Friday, July 20, 2012

20-Jul-12: Oil on troubled waters: Gaza is out of energy resources and guess who did it?

Tanker delivers oil through Kerem Shalom crossing from Israel to Gaza Strip, March 2012 [source]

Courtesy of the excellent Elder of Ziyon blog, here's an insight for those who care to understand the difference between self-serving Palestinian Arab propaganda and the miserable reality that characterizes actual Palestinian Arab lives.

Under the title "Hamas blaming Egypt, PA for restricting fuel delivery", EoZ's blog posting quotes from an article published this past Monday by the Palestinian Ma'an newsagency, based a few kilometers south of here in the town of Bethlehem. Maan writes:
Egyptian authorities have restricted the amount of Qatari fuel entering the Gaza Strip through an Egyptian crossing with Israel, an Egyptian source said Monday. While the Al-Ouja crossing in Egypt's northern Sinai has the capacity for ten trucks of fuel per day, Egypt only permits six trucks to cross, the official said, noting that this amount cannot meet Gaza's energy needs.
EoZ goes on to show that Hamas blames Egypt, not Israel, for the current fuel shortage, saying that it has documented Egyptian fuel trucks arriving late to the Al Ouja crossing while Israeli fuel trucks are waiting to receive it. EoZ writes that Hamas "charges that Egypt comes up with new excuses every day for delays and problems, blaming transportation issues, or security issues, or a lack of vehicles. In a statement, Hamas said that it has heard many excuses from Egypt that all indicate that this is a deliberate policy to restrict the amount of fuel going to Gaza... Hamas charged that the amount of fuel that Egypt is claiming to be sending is not matching up with the amount that Israel says it is receiving and shipping to Gaza, demanding an investigation and implying that Egypt is skimming some of the fuel. Interestingly, Hamas is not blaming Israel for doing anything wrong. The amount of fuel entering Gaza has not been enough to keep the power plants running at close to their capacity."

So what are the chances that Hamas acolytes and terrorism-friendly propagandists like Lauren Booth ("words can barely describe the new cruelties Israel has designed to torture the people in this vast concentration camp": source), Nathalie Arthaud ("Gaza is a concentration camp": source) and others backing down, admitting their culpability in a hateful-racist conspiracy, and calling for a an end to the victimization of Palestinian Arabs in Arab society? 

Not so great. 

A pity, because what they do is precisely the big-lie propaganda that nurtures the hatred that drives the terrorism.

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