Thursday, July 19, 2012

19-Jul-12: Turmoil all around - but the Palestinians find the time and desire to fire another rocket at Israelis

Most of Israel's attention is on the still-unnamed five killed victims of Wednesday's terrorist attack on a tour bus on the grounds of a Bulgarian holiday resort airport, as well as on the plane-load of injured Israelis (32 of them according to Times of Israel) that rushed back to Tel-Aviv and landed about two hours ago, so that those hurt in yesterday's pigua can get emergency medical treatment. Three additional victims are reported this evening to still be in danger of succumbing to their injuries: our prayers for their recovery are with them.

Then there's the unfolding debacle in Syria where the past year's daily bloodbath is - astonishingly - increasing in intensity as the al-Assad regime nears its inevitable end.

But trust the Palestinian Arab terrorists of the Hamas-infested Gaza Strip. They have the patience, the time, the desire and the passion... to fire rockets into the air in southern Israel's general direction, as they have done daily for the past decade.

Around 3:30 pm on this intensely hot Thursday afternoon, one of their rocket gangs fired off a missile in the general direction of Israel's Eshkol region. JPost says there are no injuries to people, no damage to property, and so we're left to assume it landed in an open area, which was certainly not the intention of the Gazan Palestinian Arab thugs.

Who carried out the killings at Burgas airport? Nothing to do with us, say the Iranians.
"The unfounded statements by different statesmen of the Zionist regime in connection with the accusations against Iran about its possible participation in the incident with the blown-up bus with Israeli tourists in Burgas is a familiar method of the Zionist regime, with a political aim, and is a sign of the weakness ... of the accusers." 
That's from the Islamic Republic of Iran's mission in Sofia, Bulgaria. 

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