Wednesday, July 18, 2012

18-Jul-12: Bulgaria - reports of a terrorist attack on Israeli tourists

Scene at Burgas airport in Bulgaria [Source]

There are reports in the past half hour (18:30, Wednesday evening] of a terrorist attack on Israeli tourists at the Sarafovo Airport terminal in the city of Burgas, Bulgaria, a city of some 200,000 on the western shore of the Black Sea. First reports coming via Israel's Channel 10 news, quote police sources that there are casualties. We're seeing AFP flash reports that the attack was directed at a tourist bus, and (again AFP) that there are 3 dead and 20 injured. The television news here is saying it occurred inside the airport building. Bulgarian National Radio says three buses are on fire.

The BBC is now reporting an explosion on "a bus carrying Israeli tourists in the Bulgarian city of Burgas" and "unconfirmed reports [that] several people were killed. The bus was reported to be at Burgas airport at the time. More details soon."

Our awareness of the relentless appetite of a depressingly long list of terrorist groups to inflict  losses on Jews and/or Israelis via acts of terror leads us to feel this is another chapter in that same ongoing war. But we will withhold further comment for now.

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The moral of the story

Don't start wars