Wednesday, July 11, 2012

11-Jul-12: The indiscriminate attacks continue with overnight Gaza rocket firing into Eshkol region

Kibbutz Ein Hashlosha in the Eshkol region: one of numerous
success stories in the desert, within firing range
of the rocket-abundant terrorist forces of Gaza
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We received notification around 03:15 this morning (Wednesday) of the detection, via Israeli defense systems, of a middle-of-the-night rocket firing from Hamas-controlled Gaza into southern Israel. There were no immediate reports of a landing or explosion, leading to thoughts that this might be yet-another "fell short" rocket that crashed into some unlucky Gaazan family's life.

But we have now gotten a report - not official - that signs were found this morning of a rocket that crashed earlier today into the Eshkol region, the desert area between the coastal city of Ashkelon and the inland city of Beersheva and home to some 27 kibbutz and moshav communities. [Evidently, a Qassam rocket.]

There are probably people who would want to see some special significance in the terror gangs of the seething, largely unproductive, charity-engorged Gaza Strip attacking the parts of Israel that epitomize the turning of desert into productive and rich land. 

But that would be too generous to the jihadists. Even if they have (and they do) access to advanced rocket technology and targeting systems, their concern has never - not for a minute - been to attack specific military or other targets in Israel. They are terrorists. They seek to hit anything that will sow terror among their despised enemy. And they know that even when they miss, as they mostly do, their hateful aims has been achieved.

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