Monday, June 04, 2012

4-Jun-12: Another rocket launched at southern Israel by the Gazan terror squads

Around 1:45 this morning (Monday), and following on from the earlier rocket attack during Sunday night [we posted on that here: "4-Jun-12: Gaza's rocket men are firing them off into Israel again tonight"], the rocket-equipped terror squads of Gaza fired their deadly weaponry again in the direction - as always - of anything, but anything, Jewish on the map of Israel. The report we saw (in Hebrew) says it exploded in an open field in the Eshkol region, same as a few hours before. No injuries, no damage but the intention of the men with the explosives is to achieve much more than that. They, after all, belong to what foolish and mischievous political naifs in almost every part of the world (this South African group, for instance) call the “alliance of resistance”, in which they are partnered with the humanitarian giants of Syria, Iran and Hezbollah.

We're nauseated by the notion that terrorist groups armed to the teeth and beyond with rockets numbering in the tens of thousands and all pointed at our homes, are anyone's idea of a resistance. So long as there is confusion on this scale about what constitutes terrorism, there is little chance it is going to be stopped.

During May, Israel absorbed 81 terrorist attacks on its people and land, compared with 70 in the month before (source: the Israeli Security Agency). Especially noticeable was the rise in the hurling of fire bombs (Molotov cocktails) at Israeli drivers and their passengers on the roads. Some 50 attacks happened in May in Judea and Samaria (36 in April). All but two involved the use of explosives. Terror attacks originating in Gaza were at the same level as the month before. Eight Israeli victims of these attacks suffered significant injuries.

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