Friday, June 22, 2012

22-Jun-12: More 'ceasefire' rocket attacks on southern Israel this morning

Our sources in the south reported Tzeva Adom incoming-missile warnings around 11 this morning. We see from this Times of Israel report that two more Qassam rockets were fired from the Hamas-infested Gaza Strip in the general direction of southern Israel's Eshkol region at about that time. Fortunately no injuries to human beings or damage are reported but this, emphatically, is not why the terrorist rocket persons endanger their own lives. It's Jewish blood they seek, and, with a religious dispensation, they are virtually fearless. They will stop only when someone stops them from the Israeli side. The Times of Israel reports as well that the remnants of a significantly more-powerful Grad missile were discovered in the Be’er Tuvia area this morning, close to the city of Ashdod (which is further away from Gaza than the beleagured city of Ashkelon is). Israeli security forces are unable to say when that missile landed.

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