Wednesday, June 20, 2012

20-Jun-12: Those rockets keep coming, and the news coverage outside the immediate area is practically zero

Scene at a Border Police base last night
shortly after one of yesterday's dozens of
incoming rockets got "lucky" and hit some
Israelis. [Image Source]
Incoming-missile sirens have been wailing across much of southern Israel almost non-stop throughout the hours of darkness and at about hourly intervals during this morning (Wednesday). It's continuing as we type these words.

Irrespective of whether Israelis have been killed or injured or terrified, it's a nightmare - a taste of what full-scale war-by-terrorists is going to be like as the war waged by "our" terrorists gets more sophisticated, with longer-range rockets, more accurate missiles and other outcomes that result from them having better and more technology. "Our" terrorists are caste from the same mould that is producing other people's terrorists - everyone else's terrorists. Their weaponry and methodology are similar and getting more similar all the time.

Perhaps this - the realization that the threat which Israel is attempting to blunt - is what prevents editors and their journalists and reporters, analysts and photographers - from properly covering - at street level, ground level - what hundreds of thousands of people living right across southern Israel are living at this moment.

Who knows? Whatever the explanation, this means it's practically impossible for anyone living outside the immediate region (other than the determined few who tune in to the various blogs and news services created by Israelis) to a real sense of the terror being inflicted round the clock on half of the state of Israel and its residents by the Islamic Jihadists, the Hamas thugs and the other sub-divisions of the global armed-to-the-teeth Islamist hatred movement.


Rebecca said...

I came to your website from a referral and discovered the great work you are doing in memory of your daughter who was so cruelly murdered. Thank you for your amazing and positive work for children in Israel. I've made a donation to further your work.

Jaime said...

I'm praying that this war will end. I want Jesus to return quickly for His people. End the violence.