Tuesday, June 19, 2012

19-Jun-12: Tuesday afternoon and more Gazan rockets pummel southern Israel

Following on from this morning's 'invisible' rocket attack on the Ashkelon area, there is more this afternoon. (No, they're not really invisible, but since no one is reporting the existence of the attacks, it's as if they never happened, except to the people living in the area under attack.)  

Ynet is reporting that four more Qassam rockets were fired from the Hamas-ridden Gaza Strip around 2 this afternoon (though one source it was actually five rockets). All four exploded in southern Israel's Eshkol region, in the north-western corner of the Negev desert midway between Ashkelon and BeershebaFortunately our luck is holding and there are no reports of injuries or damage.  

We have seen online reports that residents of a broad swathe of southern Israel were instructed by the security authorities in the past fifteen minutes (2:50 pm, Tuesday, Israel time) to go to their sheltered rooms and stay there until further notice. And the incoming rocket sirens - the Color Red or Tzeva Adom system - are sounding their warnings at this moment.

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