Tuesday, June 19, 2012

19-Jun-12: Rocket attacks from Gaza continue Tuesday morning

Almost entirely unreported (terror fatigue?) even within the Israeli media, there have been four separate rocket firings/explosions this morning on southern Israel. While we have not yet seen official confirmation, there are reports that all four occurred between 4 and 5 am, and all the landings were in the vicinity of Israel's beautiful southern coastal city, Ashkelon

The first time Ashkelon was struck by Palestinian Arab hatred-rockets was on July 5, 2006. An empty high school was hit, and then prime minister Ehud Olmert called it an "escalation of unprecedented gravity". It clearly was. But gravity, precedent and Israel's reality have gone through considerable changes - for the worse - since then.

We have not heard reports of injuries or property damage from this morning's terrorism, but since injuries (or worse) and property damage are what the terrorists seek, and since they have access to an almost unimaginably large stockpile of rockets, mortars and other weaponry, worse results would seem to be inevitable.

Unless they're stopped.

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