Tuesday, June 19, 2012

19-Jun-12: Mid-afternoon report: Ten incoming Gazan rockets attacked Israeli territory in the past hour

Fields in southern Israel's Eshkol region this afternoon [Image Source]. The terrorist groups
compete with each other in the frequency of their indiscriminate rocket firing; no one has the slightest
concern that they are about to run out of missiles. In fact, their holdings are vast.
There's some understandable confusion at this stage over exactly what is happening in the fog of the latest chapter of this ongoing war. There's a report from Walla (Hebrew) that no fewer than ten terrorist rockets were fired into southern Israel in the past hour alone, most of them crashing into the Eshkol region, as we reported earlier today; a total of 14 rockets since the start of the day. And there are more of them, as well as almost constant missile siren soundings as we write these words.

Haaretz quotes an assertion made by Hamas - evidently in some public relations panic about being left behind in the action - that its rocket crews fired ten rockets today. It says they were long-range Grads which are a performance step up from the more customary Qassams.

The IDF has said its forces are in action, but unlike the pressure on the Gazan Palestinian Arabs, the Israeli defence forces have no compelling need to shout about their weapons or their hits.

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