Tuesday, June 19, 2012

19-Jun-12: Gaza attacks continue: two additional Qassam rockets explode in southern Israel

Around 3:00 this afternoon, two more Qassam rockets, fired by the terrorist gangs in the Hamas-ridden Gaza Strip, crashed and exploded in southern Israel's Eshkol region. They are the third distinct volley of the day - so far. JPost's count for the day is ten rockets till now, and counting, and says that unlike past practice, Hamas - which rules the Gaza Strip with an iron fist - is claiming credit for the rockets. You can see a Hebrew report here, posted at 2:50 pm this afternoon, with a representation of the Hamas announcement. This might be a counterstrike to the credit claims made yesterday by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad which sought credit for the lethal attack on an Israeli construction crew Monday morning.

Ynet reports that today's 3 o'clock rockets landed in open fields and as far as we can tell, there are neither injuries nor damage to property. Israeli forces are currently engaged in pin-point attacks on select parts of the Gaza Strip in order to bring the indiscriminate rocket firing to a halt. 

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