Friday, May 11, 2012

11-May-12: Those relentless Hamas rockets don't stop seeking Israeli victims

There are reports in various places this week about how the Hamas regime and its senior terrorist leadership has been busying itself with creating a force to prevent the firing of rockets on Israelis. We can understand how very hard this would be, what with all the open spaces, huge distances, inaccessible cities and lush undergrowth in the Gaza Strip that would make that so, so very hard to do.

Don't believe we're serious? Well, we are partially serious; such reports do exist. According to Haaretz:
The Hamas government in Gaza has been operating a force over the past few months whose sole task is to prevent the firing of rockets into Israel. Hamas, which has always championed jihad against Israel, is now using its authority to foil the firing efforts of cells from other organizations such as the Islamic Jihad and the Popular Resistance Committees. The new force was formed by and is under the direct command of Hamas Interior Minister Fathi Hammad, who in the past has been considered an extremist in regard to Israel. According to a Gaza source, the force of some 300 men operates, "day and night, 24 hours, everywhere in the Strip, particularly near the borders with Israel." The soldiers wear black uniforms and make their way around on motorcycles and four-wheel drive vehicles. According to a Hamas source, the force has a green light to shoot activists who resist arrest or fire at the Hamas soldiers. Anyone arrested can expect to spend at least a couple of months in prison, the source said. The rockets and/or mortars that are found are confiscated and transferred to Hamas.
Black uniforms? That must mean we're talking about something very serious.
These are the Hamas terrorists who do the firing of the
rockets and the killing of Jewish children. They wear green and
white, obviously, so you can spot them. The Hamas terrorists
who prevent the firing of the rockets dress in
black (see our article at left) and have darling little wings
protruding from both sides of each of their three heads.

Meanwhile (putting our deep cynicism away for a few moments) back on planet Earth, yet another rocket fired from Gaza, approximately the 273rd to be so fired at an Israeli target since January 1 (see Challah Hu Akbar's running tally on the right side of every page of our blog), crashed into an area close to the Israeli coastal city of Ashkelon about ninety minutes ago.

Ynet says there are no reports of damage or injuries. But anyone who knows anything about the vast arsenal of Gazan rockets and the people who deploy them and make the decision to shoot, that was never the intent. Tens of thousands of Israeli families living in communities near Asahkelon and north of Gaza were again terrified by the sound of the Color Red incoming-rocket siren that wailed through the spring air this afternoon, reminding them that there are people living just over the security fence who want nothing more than to cause the very greatest possible harm to their children.

UPDATE Friday: We see that the ever-on-the-ball Challah Hu Akbar points out that the Hamas leadership is falling over itself with anxiety to deny the Haaretz report of those black-outfitted Hamas pixies running around Gaza and preventing rockets from being fired at Israelis. He quotes a Hamas thug-person, Fawzi Barhoum, who denies the Haaretz claim on his own Facebook page. Barhoum says it is not the job of the Hamas regime "to protect Israel... These are just allegations to tarnish the reputation of Hamas". And that's the last thing decent people like us would want to do.

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